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Amazon Kindle For PC will allow you to read Kindle books on your computer
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Amazon, the famous online bookstore, launched the Kindle device in 1997. This device is an e-book reader that can connect with the Amazon store through an Internet connection and allow you to buy and download your books. Amazon Kindle For PC is a program that will allow you to read the same Kindle books on your computer. This way, you will not have to own a Kindle device to enjoy the books designed and sold for that device. In addition, if you do have one, you can read your e-books in both devices – Kindle for PC comes with "Whispersync", a feature that will synchronize the last page read and your annotations between those books you have in both devices.

From the program’s main interface, you can access Amazon’s site to buy books, or to load books you had bought already. Some books are free, so you can test the program without spending any money, though you will need to register a free account to do this. Once you have selected the book, you must choose the "Kindle for PC" option (if you do not own a Kindle). Then, the next time you open the program, your purchased book will be ready for downloading. You will be able to read the book, highlight portions of the text, and make annotations on it.

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